Statement of Ethics

By Sam Parks

At the heart of my photography is a profound respect for the wildlife I photograph. I am dedicated to the well-being of my subjects and adhere wholeheartedly to the credo that no photograph is worth jeopardizing the welfare of the animals I photograph. I always hold myself to a high ethical standard and am eager to set a good example for others. I always do everything in my power to maintain a respectful distance and if at any point I feel that my presence is disturbing an animal’s natural behavior, I will leave the area immediately. My goal for each of my images is to show a moment in nature that happened on its own, without manipulation. With that in mind, I do not bait wildlife or use any other attractants like calls and none of my images show scenes that have been staged or otherwise manipulated in any way. Needless to say, all of my images are of totally wild, free-roaming wildlife, not "game farm" or otherwise captive animals. Not only do I follow these principles myself, I am also outspoken in advocating for ethical practices within wildlife photographer circles.

The preservation of our remaining wilderness areas and wildlife is my foremost concern. With this in mind, I regard it as a moral responsibility to use my images for the greater good and contribute, in some small way, to ensuring that our nations remaining vestiges of wildness are preserved forever. I firmly believe that inspiring people to care about nature and motivating them to act and advocate on its behalf is crucial and that the photograph can be a powerful tool to that end. Through my images, I hope to inspire people to care about our country's stunning wildlife and wild landscapes. In addition to this, I am deeply involved in my own wildlife advocacy and support numerous non-profit conservation groups with free use of my images.